TimeSplitters Rewind stalls due to problems with CryEngine


    Because of licensing problems, the team has to use the CryEngine. Otherwise they could not use the TimeSplitters IP.


    The developers behind the fanmade multiplayer standalone TimeSplitters Rewind is facing troubles with the CryEngine. As the team put to Facebook, the development has “gone stagnant.” As a result, they have to consider “hard choices” on the title’s future.

    The voluntary development team consists entirely of fans of the series. They stated that they were “completely unable to work with CryEngine with any momentum,” and said that what used to take “a few minutes in another engine” takes “up to four days in CryEngine.” They also blame Crytek for heavily delayed engine updates.

    “We have been waiting for a new release from Crytek that changes a lot of the core systems of the engine and includes new documentation,” they wrote. “The problem is this engine update was supposed to release over four months ago and the delays continue.”

    The team received positive feedback from testers on an Unreal Engine 4 version across “all hardware we tested.” But if they decide to built their game using UE 4, they could not use the TimeSplitters IP anymore and would have to rebrand.

    “This is something we have talked about internally and we have a clear idea the direction we would take with it. If this is to happen, we would likely do our own interpretation of what we think TimeSplitters 4 could have been,” the team wrote.





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