Promotion: Going Global with G2A.COM with G2A Direct & G2A Pay
21. October 2016 Feature Promotion: Going Global with G2A.COM with G2A Direct & G2A Pay
G2A explains how their services like G2A Direct and G2A Pay work and what kind of benefits those bring for developers and publishers.
Shadow Puppeteer
Shadow Puppeteer and how to avoid the Tagalong Trap
19. October 2016 Feature Shadow Puppeteer and how to avoid the Tagalong Trap
Just adding a second player to a game does not make for a good co-op game. The developers of Shadow Puppeteer explain how they approached co-op based game design. Cooperative games challenge players to work together (i.e., to succeed or fail as a team as they strive to reach a common goal).
Ubisoft Toronto
»Ubisoft is still quite the family business.«
22. July 2016 Feature »Ubisoft is still quite the family business.«
Running Ubisoft's studio in Toronto, Alex Parizeau is looking after 400 employees. He tells us about future plans for the studio, explains how the worldwide locations work together and based on which criteria the projects are split between the teams.
Porting Bastion to PlayStation Vita
10. June 2016 Feature Porting Bastion to PlayStation Vita
Blitworks is specialized in porting games from one platform to another one. But when the team started to adapt Bastion to run on PS Vita, they quickly realized that porting C# to C++ would need a lot of work and new proprietary tools.



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Wednesday Wildcard: Freelancing in the Game Industry

In today's link, a podcast shares some tipps and tricks for freelancers in the gaming industry.   Freelancing in the gaming industry can ne an interesting...

Games in Brazil

Talita Rhein and Philipp Keydel do know Brazil very well and provide a deep look into the country’s society and how it affects gamers...
PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR nearly sold out in Japan

While the PlayStation VR device enjoys immense popularity, it seems to be mostly appealing to existing PlayStation 4 owners. The PlayStation VR had a successfull...
Cuba Indie Game Savior

Savior might be Cuba’s first indie game

In just two days, the Cuba's first indie platformer Savior gathered over $5.000 in its crowdfunding campaign. Until now, Cuba had no existing indie game...

Tuesday Tutorial: Facebook SDK in Unity: Scores API

An extensive video tutorial about scores in Unity.   Scores and leaderbords in games can turn out as a great motivator. And thankfully, Facebook's development SDK...

Wooga shuts down Black Anvil Games

The Berlin-based games developer and publisher Wooga has shut down its internal studio Black Anvil Games. It has also cut ties with former Black...

SAG-AFTRA strike brings 250 people to EA’s front door

The performers union SAG-AFTRA has called to strike. Therefore more than 250 people have demonstrated peacefully at EA’s Playa Vista, CA office. As reported by Deadline,...
Pokemon Go

Funday Monday: Pokemon Go Battle

When the augmented reality of Pokemon Go meets paramilitary gear, nobody is safe. Apart from a few exceptions, the Pokémon Go community is a friendly...

Video game voice actors and stunt performers go on strike

The performer guilt SAG-AFTRA aims to improve sales-based compensation and employer transparicy. The voice actors and stunt performers union SAG-AFTRA has called a strike. This...
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch won’t be compatible to 3DS or Wii U games

As it seems, the studio plans to hold on to its 3DS handheld system for a while. Last week Nintendo unveiled its new console, which is...