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Fallout New Vegas

Modder revives New Vegas in Fallout 4

A group of modders aims to bring some of New Vegas' quests into Fallout 4.   Some dedicated Fallout New Vegas fans aim to bring some...
Phoenix Point

Julian Gollop seeks $500,000 for X-COM spiritual successor Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point will include features from both, the original 1994 XCOM and the Firaxis reboot, as well as new, interesting ideas.   X-COM creator Julian Gollop...

Mail.Ru enters game investment

Internet giant Mail.Ru will make more than $100 million worth of funds available.   Since its founding as an email service in 1998, Mail.Ru has nearly...

How to create a Realistic Sun in Houdini

Bogdan Lazar's two-part, 90 minutes Houdini tutorial covers topics like vex coding, vector calculus, VDB volumes, particle simulation, magnetic fields and more.   Creating a realistic...

Ubisoft expands into China, teams up with Tencent and Playcrab

The launch into China's highly competetive mobile market is an important step for Ubisoft.   With the upcoming release of the mobile title Might & Magic...
Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption GTA 5 mod fan project shut down

After three years of development, the fan project to bring Red Dead Redemption into GTA 5 has been shut down.   A group of dedicated fans...
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch boosts US game sales in March to $1.36 billion

Thanks to Nintendo's record breaking launch and strong sales of recently launched titles, the gaming industry boomed.   Last month, Nintendo's new Switch hybrid console launched...

Ticket sales for devcom 2017 are open

The devcom's events cover all relevant areas in the gaming industry. Until May 31, 2017, interested customers can grab an early bird discount.   For the...

Shopify allows to sell physical merch in-game

Shopify's latest SDK integrates merchandise sales directly into games.     Shopify is a Candian e-commerce company which helps studios to create digital storefronts. The firm has...

ESA published Essential Facts about the gaming industry

In its Essential Facts report, the ESA covers several topics throughout the gaming industry, including virtual reality and its impact on the US GDP.   The...