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gamescom 2017: Saturday sold out

As the organizers announced last week, the private visitor tickets for this year's gamescom Saturday are no longer available in advanced sale.   Only 24 hours...

Gaming through new Eyes: How a man born blind plays video games

In a award winning short documentary, Toby talks about how he plays videogames and the satisfaction after he solved a difficult level.   Toby Ott is...
Injustice 2

Injustice 2 leading the UK weekly charts

Injustice 2 entered the charts alongside Farpoint, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, The Surge, Skylanders Superchargers, Portal Knights and Destiniy: The Collection.   Injustice 2...

10 Tricks for Long-Term Success as an Indie

KING Art Games from Bremen have been in the industry for about 17 years now and, over this time, have gained a lot of...

Character development and Worldbuilding in Japan

A blog post about the Japanese way of character development and world building.   Thanks to a wide range of possible spinn-offs, crossovers and merchandise, popular...

How Bethesda’s review policy affects its game sales analyzed the effect of Bethesda's review policy on game sales.   About a year ago, Bethesda initiated a new review policy for its titles. The...

Peace activists protest against Crytek’s collaboration with arms industry

Under the slogan Love Gaming - Hate War, peace activists protest against Crytek's partnership with several arms companies.   During this year's award ceremnoy of the...
Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive opens new mobile studio in Malmo

Paradox aims to create a broad catalog of mobile games. The small team in Malmo will focus on deep and challenging hardcore strategic titles.   Strategy... is now free to use

To cover the costs for the website, creator Joost has disabled the content delivery network and launched a Patreon campaign., a source for...

Gearbox hires 16 SMU graduates to develop unannounced VR project

Gearbox has supported the SMU Guildhall game development program in many ways since its funding in 2003.   Gearbox Software has hired a new team of...