Shopify allows to sell physical merch in-game


    Shopify’s latest SDK integrates merchandise sales directly into games.



    Shopify is a Candian e-commerce company which helps studios to create digital storefronts. The firm has now released a new toolset which enables developers to sell physical goods through video games.

    According to a Venturebeat report, the Custom Storefront dev kit allows studios to create stores in their games. These can be used to sell all kinds of merchandise, such as T-shirts.

    Rather than creating a seperate store, developers can also integrate the storefront completely in their game. To simplify the development process, Shopify has created API client librabries for Javascript, mobile (both Android and iOS) and the Unity game engine.

    Merchandise has always been a smooth way to build a brand and to create new revenue. Still, these stores are typically integrated in the developer’s website or third-party storefronts. But now, studios can promote merch sales directly in their games. This way, they can easily raise awarness for these products.