Russel Arons to become new Machinima GM


    Arons will become responsible for Machinima’s creative efforts, data analytics, business development, operations and network.


    In the near future, Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein will leave the company. Afterwards, Warner Bros marketing executive veteran Russell Arons will take the lead of the media platform.

    At first, Arons will work alongside Gutstein in a “multi-week transition plan.” After, she will become General Manager of Machinima, responsible for business development, data analytics, marketing, creative efforts and its multi-channel network.

    Prior to joining Warner Bros in 2009, Arons led EA Play’s marketing division, managing prominent franchises like Harry Potter and The Sims. At WB, she served as senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

    In a statement, Craig Hunges, president of business and strategy at Warner’s Television and Digital Network groups praised Machinima’s new leader.

    “Russell is a terrific creative executive with exceptional audience experience and brand-building capabilities,” he said. “With deep knowledge in gaming, she speaks the same language as our Machinima creators, community, and team and has the proven ability to build and unlock strong consumer relationships.”

    “In her new role, Russell will deepen Machinima’s relationship with an audience that’s important to many Warner Bros. divisions to further optimize our marketing and direct-to-consumer activities and serve as a hub for social video across the company.”

    Machinima is a popular media platform for fans of games and comics and runs a full-service production studio. Premium content partnerships include important key platforms such as Amazon Prime, The CW Network, Playstation VUE and China’s Sohu. It was acquired by Warner Bros in November 2016. Prior, the company was a key investor for two years. According to WB, Machinima generates 3.8 billion video views per month.