GTA V mod toolkit OpenIV shut down by Take-Two


    After almost ten years of development, OpenIV will no longer be distributed as it “allows third parties to defeat security features.”


    The popular GTA V modding toolkit OpenIV is not longer available. It’s creators have received a ceased and desist notice from game publisher Take-Two.

    In the past, game developer Rockstar had no objections to mods, as long as they only affected the singleplayer. As a result, the letter took the team by surprise.

    OpenIV was in development for almost a decade. Thanks to the tech, thousands of mods found their way to GTA IV and GTA V.

    As developer GooD-NTS explained, he received an official C&D letter on June 5, claiming that OpenIV allows “third parties to defeat security features of its software and modify that software in violation Take-Two’s rights”. After 10 days of considering, the team decided to agree with the claims.

    “Yes, we can go to court and yet again prove that modding is fair use and our actions are legal, the website reads. “Yes, we could. But we decided not to.”

    “Going to court will take at least few months of our time and huge amount of efforts, and, at best, we’ll get absolutely nothing. Spending time just to restore status quo is really unproductive, and all the money in the world can’t compensate the loss of time.”

    “It was a hard decision, but when any modding activity has been declared illegal, we can’t see any possibilities to continue this process unless top management of Take-Two company makes an official statement about modding that can be used in court.”






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