Nintendo Switch has sold 2.4 million units

    Nintendo Switch

    The research firm Superdata has increased its sales forcast for the Switch. Nintendo is expected to release its own predictions next week.


    According a recent Superdata report, Nintendo’s Switch has sold 2.4 million devices worldwide after just one a half months on sale. The hybrid console has exceeded the research company’s expectations.

    As a result, Superdata has increased its sales forcast for the device. The firm had previously expected that the console will reach 5 million sold units. But it now predicts that 7.2 million Switch units will be shifted by the end of the year.

    It’s a promising start for Nintendo, following the rather disappointing sales of the Wii U. During its whole lifetime after the 2012 launch, the console sold 13.56 million units in total. If the Switch manages to live up to Superdata’s expectations, it will be halfway to match these sales in just one year.

    Official numbers are expected next week when Nintendo will release its financials for the fiscal year ended March 31 next week.