Steam Direct is up and running


    Steam Direct can be summarized in three key steps: paperwork, payment, and review.


    Steam Direct, Valve’s replacement for Steam Greenlight went live yesterday. On this occasion, the company relased a new blog post, detailing the new process developers have to go through in order to launch a game via the new program.

    Valve broke down the process to three key steps: digital paperwork, payment, and review.

    First of all, the developers will have to fill out some basic paperwork. This includes company informations, as well as tax and identity identification. Alongside to the submission, devs will have to pay Steam Direct’s fee of $100 to get access to Steamworks and to unlock the first appID. Each additional appID has to be purchased for another $100. However, game devs have the chance to recoup the fee after their game brought in at least $1,000 in Steam store or in-app purchases.

    Finally, each submitted game will have to go through a review process. Valve’s team members will play each game to make sure that it’s configured correctly, matches the description and doesn’t contain malicious content. If everything works fine, this processes won’t take longer than two days, says Valve.

    “Building a release pipeline to support thousands of developers and millions of customers is a delicate balance,” the company explains. “We specifically don’t want an onerous and detailed certification process that makes it difficult for developers to release games, but we also want some level of confidence that games are configured correctly and aren’t going to do unexpected things to customers’ computers.”

    Alongside Steam Direct, Valve also updated Steamwork’s documentation on APIs, tools, features and best practices. The overhaul comes with some organizational changes, including an expandable table of contents, updated search and a new help function.

    For more informations about Steam Direct and the end of Greenlight, take a look at the official blogpost.




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