Sega plans to revive older franchises

    Sega Sammy

    Sega seeks to expand its gaming revenue by almost 50 percent. As part of its strategy, it plans to bring back “major IPs”.


    In its “Road to 2020” corporate strategy presentation, released earlier this week, publisher and developer Sega outlined its ambitious plans for the next three years. As part of its strategy, the company seeks to revive some of its dormant franchises.

    As the paper reads, the “revival of major IPs” would be a major part of the company’s game development strategy for the next three years. Furthermore, Sega seeks to expand its portfolio of intellectual properties. It plans to create more series on its own and to make use of external franchises. To get the most of its products, the company aims for as many platforms and regions as possible.

    Until 2020, Sega expects its gaming division’s revenue to grow by almost 50 percent over its previously completed fiscal year to ¥305 billion ($2.68 billion) and its operating income to nearly tripple to ¥32 billion ($280 million). In return, it expects to spend ¥51.7 billion ($460 million) on R&D and content development for its gaming division. That’s 7 percent up compared to its most recent fiscal year.