Remarkable examples of accessibility designs


    There are many ways to remove barriers from a game. Here are seven of them.


    Making games more accessible is great. More players can enjoy your titles and you automatically attract a broader audience – everyone wins. To make games more accessible, both developers and console manufacturers created a wide range of tools, from remappable controls to speech-to-text transcriptions.

    Thanks to awareness raising events and the support of key industry figures, accessibility is now bigger than ever, says Ian Hamilton, accessibility consultant and advocate. He is joined by Steve Spohn, the COO of the AbleGamers foundation, which aims to support people with disabilities to enjoy games and works with developers and publishers to remove barriers in games.

    In a recent feature, Gamasutra asked both to help assemble a list of seven games which made their games accessible in remarkable ways. The list contains games of all sizes and genres, from Dontnod’s graphic adventure Life is Strange to Blizzard’s Overwatch and World of Warcraft. If you are interested in how you can make your game more accessible, take a look at the original Gamasutra feature.





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