Quo Vadis 2016 Weekly Recap: Talks and Panels #25-29

    Quo Vadis

    In our daily video recap we present to you every talk and panel of 2016’s Quo Vadis, one clip per day. You would enjoy a weekly collection rather than visiting us every day? Then check out our weekly video collection.

    For those of you who do not have the time to visit makinggames.biz every day or rather just watch all five Quo Vadis 2016-clips of the week in one session, we came up with a weekly recap including the recent five talks and panels. Just click the links below to get to the videos #25-29, from 19th to 23rd December 2016.

    Day 1, Channel 5, Panel #6: “Sports Marketing And Sponsor Acquisition – How eSports Can Profit From Established Structures”

    Day 1, Channel 6, Talk #1: “Hey – Take Care Of Yourself And Don’t Burn Out!”

    Day 1, Channel 6, Talk #2: “Employing The True Mobility Of Mobile Devices With AR”

    Day 1, Channel 6, Talk #3: “Data Protection Authorities – Friends or Enemies – How to do your homework for D-Day”

    Day 1, Channel 6, Talk #4: 6 Months Without Safe Harbor – How To Use Cloudservices As A European

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