Oculus co-founder McCauley thinks Rift is “too costly”


    Talking to TechRadar at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Oculus VR co-founder Jack McCauley dropped some serious truths by saying PC-VR is too expensive and heavy at the moment, to achieve major mainstream success. McCauley worked for Oculus VR and served as its chief engineer until its acquisition by Facebook in March 2014. “It’s heavy and it’s costly. They need to reduce the cost of it and if that means sacrificing a few features which are incremental improvements, then that’s what they need to do.”

    Talking about Gear VR, McCauley stated that he is impressed by the number of sales so far: “They sold 5,000,000 Gear VR [units]. That’s very impressive. That’s a smash hit in the game world, that’s knocking it out of the park… So it’s kind of looking like it’s mobile. It’s selling. The PC side is too expensive.”