Making Games Academy — the brand new video portal for game developers, with talks and workshops from Europe’s biggest game development conferences.

Making Games Academy is a brand new video portal for game developers. Here, you will find developer talks, workshops, panels, and business and public keynotes of the four main German game developer conferences: QUO VADIS, RESPAWN: Gathering of Game Developers, devcom, and the Making Games Conference. Making Games Academy is the first place to go if you want to stay informed about the technical, creative, and business side of modern game development.

Watch your favourite QUO VADIS 2017 talks and panels online at Making Games Academy!

Did you miss out on this year’s QUO VADIS 2017, or would you like to watch your favourite talks and panels again? Then enjoy our first library with 100 videos of this year’s conference on Making Games Academy! Our next instalments will be RESPAWN: Gathering of Game Developers and devcom in September and the Making Games Conference in November.

For only €99 you will get indefinite access to 100 full-length clips including talks from Glen Schofield (Dead Space, Call of Duty), Niklas Fegraeus (Star Wars Battlefront), Patrice Désilets (Assassin’s Creed), Brian Chambers (Star Citizen), Pawel Sasko (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt), Dominic Eskofier (Nvidia), game design legend Don Daglow, and many, many more.

With Making Games Academy, you can bring QUO VADIS 2017 and all our future game development events right into your home, on your phone, tablet or computer—whenever you want, wherever you want!


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