HTC Vive offers now purchase in instalments

    HTC Vive

    The new financing option allows customers to pay £34.84 per month over a two-year period.


    The HTC Vive headset provides a great virtual reality experience, but it’s surely not cheap. To attract more customers, the company offers now a monthly financing option.

    As Eurogamer reported, interested customers can buy a headset for paying £34.84 (plus shipping) per month for 24 months, instead of paying £759 at once. In the end, it will cost £836.16, but this might still be easier to afford than the full price at once. Especially as the device became more expensive in last August. “Thanks” to the Brexit, the headset’s price rose from £689 to £759.

    Every HTC Vive includes two virtual reality experiences, Everest VR and Riechie’s Plank Experience. Customers will also receive a month’s subscription to Viveport, where you can grab five monthly experiences from a selection.