GameCamp Munich starts ticket sales March 19


Still have some time to spend in May and Munich seems like a good spot to do so? Then you should check out Games/Bavaria’s GameCamp Munich and its vernissage.

On May 20/21 Games/Bavaria invites you to its barcamp in Munich’s WERK1 – a lovely event for people from the gaming industry who want to get togther, network, talk and maybe even like to become a speaker on short notice, with the Games/Bavaria Vernissage opening the event on Friday (May 19, Grafingerstr. 6, 81671 München) afternoon.

The peculiar thig about the GameCamp Munich is that there are no definite topics, talks and speakers pressed in a tight schedule. Topics are rather presented at the beginning of the event and voted for – and a speaker actually might become everyone who wants to share something sbout said topics.

Get Your Tickets

On Sunday noon, March 19, Games/Bavaria starts its official ticket sales. One ticket for the whole weekend is €7, attendance of the Games/Bavaria Vernissage on Friday is free for all.

Check out GameCamp Munich’s website and/or Facebook page to get some more impressions as well as information on the event or check out Level UB’s video of last year’s event below. See you in Munich, folks!