How to fund a National Videogame Foundation

    National Videogame Foundation

    Foundation CEO Iain Simons tells the story behind the creation of the UK’s cultural repository for video games.


    How can a group dedicated to video games build a National Videogame Foundation? Yesterday Ian Simons, the foundations CEO answered that question. In an article on, he wrote down the story behind the funding process.

    He and his team had been running the GameCity Festival for over a decade and in 2008 they helped to establish the first National Videogame Archive with the National Media Museum (Science Museum.) Year’s later, the National Videogame Arcade opened its gates permanently. The NVA is a huge success, with tens of thousands of visitors each year.

    And in the end, the team’s effords were noticed on a global level.

    “After over a decade of this kind of work, interpreting videogames, introducing new audiences to them, putting them in new places – something started to happen. We found increasingly other organisations were starting to ask us about what we did and how we did it. Not only in the UK, but internationally,” Simons wrote.

    Finally, this led to the funding of the National Videogame Foundation, a non-profit organisation “that works to develop the role of videogames in culture, education and society.”

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