Free Thought Friday: Staying happy, creative, and productive as game dev


    Multiple game developers share the experiences they made under different working conditions.


    Game development is a though business. If you are working for a tripple-A company, a small team or as a single indie developer, each kind of studio has its own obstacles and risks.

    Working in a huge production has its benefits of course, but it also comes with tons of management decisions and restricted creativity of the individual employee. There’s a reason after all why so many well known developers left their studios to pursue a carrier as an indie developer.

    The biggest challenge for smaller teams or working alone on the other hand is to keep track of the personal health. Instead of taking a break from time to time, many developers risk their own well-being as they try to polish their games as much as possible.

    In today’s link, Gamasutra spoke to serveral developers from all kind of studios. They talk about their experiences they made and share some tips and tricks about self-discipline and the importance of taking a weekend off.


     Staying happy, creative, and productive in the tumultuous world of game dev