Fig opens $500k funding for successfull campaigns


    Every developer with a successfull campaign and at least 1000 backers can receive a minimum of $20,000 in additional fundings.


    Crowdfunding firm Fig has established a new “Finishing Fund.” The company aims to help successfull campaigns on its website. It cites the Valves upcoming Steam Direct fee as a motivating factor.

    Overall, the firm has amassed a total of $500,000 for late-stage development costs. These additional funds should cover localisation, extra polishing and costs of launching on a platform. Any developer that attracts a minimum of 1,000 backers for a successfull campaign will receive at least $20,000 in additional fundings directly from the company.

    “At Fig, we don’t make money by running crowdfunding campaigns, but are instead aligned with developers and investors, in that our upside is based on the ultimate commercial performance of the games we help publish – we make money only when games funded through Fig sell well,” company CEO Justin Bailey stated.

    The Fig also hopes, that the additional cash injection might also help indies to overcome obstacles like visibility and distribution. According to Fig, these costs can also stand in the way of a successfull game launch.

    If you want to receive more informations, reach out to the company’s founder and CEO Justin Bailey at