EVE Online players can soon search for real planets


    Eve Online players can now contribute to the search for exoplanets.


    Players of the sandbox MMO Eve Online have now the opportunity to search for real exoplanets. In collabortaion with the Geneva University, game developer CPP invites its players to Project Discovery.

    One of the most promising methods to find new planets is the so called transit photometry, which involves measuring the light coming from a star. If a planet is eclipsing that star, it will reduce the amount of observable light. These measurements can be presented as graphs, known as light curves.

    Scientists from the university will provide these datas to the Eve players. In a minigame the community can analyze the lightwaves and possibly identify new planets. A team of astronomers at Geneva University will monitor that findings, led by astrophysicist Michael Major. When they reach a consensus, the team will confirm whether or not the players have found a new world. All participants will receive special ingame items, including skins and blueprints.

    You can find more informations at the official website and in the Project Discovery announcement trailer below.




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