Disney to enter virtual and augmented reality game development


    The company announced new titles in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises.


    During last weekend’s D23 event, Disney announced the plans for its first major VR and AR projects.

    Although the event’s primary focus is to reveal new informations about upcoming movies, the company also held a Level Up panel, in which it discussed future video game releases that use the Disney, Star Wars and Marvel IPs.

    As Gamespot reported, Disney entered a partnership with Lenovo to create its own augmented reality headset. It seems like it will be a standalone device, coming with a built-in mini game collection, called Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. The bundle will include iconic Star Wars features like lightsaber duels and holochess. It is, however unclear wheater players will also be able to download further content.

    Disney has not announced a release date yet, but it would be suprising if the company wouldn’t try to get the device into the shelves in time for the Christmas season and the movie release The Last Jedi. You can find more informations at the official website.

    Besides Star Wars, Disney has also plans to create more Marvel games. According to VentureBeats, the company has teamed up with Oculus to create a virtual reality title based on the superhero franchise.

    Marvel Powers United VR will be an Oculus exclusive title, scheduled to launch in 2018. Using the headset and hand controls, the players will slip in the role of iconic Marvel heroes like Captain Marvel, The Hulk, and Rocket Raccoon to fight their enemies. A first trailer shows three players teaming up and working cooperatively in different parts of the level.





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