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    The devcom website has been updated with a preliminary list of speakers and sessions. This allows us to present a sneak peek at the conference program while the last details are being finalized. Beyond the renowned speakers from companies such as Blizzard, Blue Hole, Bohemia Interactive, Ubisoft, Unity and Epic Games that have been announced so far, members of Remedy Entertainment, Team17 and Github will provide additional insight.

    A selection of highlight talks:

    VR/AR: Aside from the keynote delivered by Tim Sweeney (Epic Games), additional talks by high-ranking representatives of companies like Oculus, Playsnak and Unity will continue to delve into the subject of VR/AR. One notable session in this segment is the talk Pushing boundaries of VR / AR in the automotive industry by David Kuri and Florian Uhde (Volkswagen), who will examine the topic outside of the normal game development context.

    Development: Technical talks and lectures on game development topics form the backbone of devcom, whether focused on indie games or AAA projects. Ville Ruusutie of Remedy (Alan Wake) will tackle the trendy topic of Motion Matching, Miriam Popescu of Limbic will speak about Designing AI for flaregames’ Hit Game Zombie Gunship Survival, and Taylor Blau of Github will provide hints on the practical use of Unity with Github: Using Unity with GitHub and Git LFS.

    Mobile Games: Mobile is one of the core topics of devcom. Christopher Kassulke’s (HandyGames) visionary talk What is the next hot stuff? How can you predict the future and what is the advantage to be an early mover in games? is one of the highlights in this segment.

    Business: In his talk Gattaca – Building a 60 People Game Developer in Germany, Adrian Goersch of Black Forest Games will speak about the growth potential and risks as a developer in Germany. Kevin Carthew of Team17 will share the success story of their 2014 game The Escapists in his talk The Escapists: From unknown indie to mobile no. 1.

    Marketing: A variety of talks in this segment will deal with new forms of marketing, from influencer relations to performance marketing. In his lecture The business of influencer marketing Brian Dodge, founder of Spartan Elite Advertising, will lay out the essentials of the business.


    About devcom:

    The brand new games industry meeting devcom will take place for the first time this summer as a side event to gamescom. From the 20th to the 24th of August (Sunday to Thursday), devcom will offer a varied lineup of events, including the devcom developer conference on Monday, the devcomsummits and a new networking area, the devcom developer lounge.

    Beyond keynotes and panels, the devcom developer conference also includes workshops, summits, master classes and matchmaking:

    • devcom master classes are a set of two three-hour round tables for up to 40 participants, hosted daily on topics such as marketing, game design, production and sales
    • devcom summits are three one-day summits focusing on mobile gaming, virtual reality and monetization respectively

    In addition to devcom, gamescom’s own official keynotes will take place from Tuesday to Thursday. Finally, this exclusive program will be rounded out by the indie conference RESPAWN. With its wide range of talks, workshops, tutorials and keynotes, devcom has the right event for anybody working in the games industry, from students of game design and young professionals to senior developers and managers in leadership roles.


    You can find additional information on devcom and its individual events and conferences at

    Tickets for devcom are available on Eventbrite!




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