How to create an enemy that can suprise you?


    In a blogpost, a game developer shares thoughts and inspirations for really challanging boss fights.


    The demand for difficult real time games has never been as high as today. Thanks to titles like the Souls franchise, players want to face the challenge of hard bosses, almost impossible levels and no manual saving. But not only AAA studios are capable of designing a challanging, but great game.

    One of many developers aiming to create a challange for the players is the user Zif. In a new post, Zif shared ideas and inspirations for murderous boss fights, with the goal to create real monsters. Players should be guarantied to wipe, unless they red a strategy guide or played the enounter before. Still the fight shouldn’t degenerate to a pure DPS race and, of course, the boss has to be beatable.

    The article is an interesting read, as it outline’s Zif’s approaches to create this kind of fight experience. If you are interested in creating hard boss enounters, have a look at the blogpost.