Asymmetrical roguelike Crawl launches next month


    Crawl takes a new approach on dungeon crawling. One player is the hero, the others control the monsters.


    For 2.5 years, the roguelike game Crawl remained in Early Access. But now, the developers behind the asymmetrical multiplayer title finally revealed a launch date. On April 11th, the game will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux.

    Crawl is a local game for four players. Three of those control monsters, trying to stop the single hero. The trick: whoever can take the protagonist down, becomes the new adventurer. Once a player’s hero reaches level 10, a final boss will trigger. And the first person who manages to slay this final villain (which is of course controlled by the three other players) wins the game.

    Thankfully, every player can gather XP, not only the current hero. An average game takes about thirty minutes.