How to approach art in games


    Ubisoft’s art director Rasmus Poulsen on visual design, inspirations and how art affects the gameplay.


    A game’s artstyle contribuites heavily to its overall impression. And its definitely not an easy task to create the right artstyle for a game. Earlier this week, Rasmous Poulsen, art director at Ubisoft wrote about his journey in the video games industry and about his personal style of work.

    He began his career at Io-Interactive, working on titles like Kane & Lynch 2 and Hitman Go. Talking about his work, he emphasised the importance of contrast. “The desaturated, mundane and ordinary versus the highly unexpected, colourful and flashy. The mundane and recognizable creates a sense of believability, cementing the stage and suspending disbelief if you will. And the colourful and exciting elements can then rest comfortably on this stage, and lure the viewer in,” Poulsen wrote.

    He also talks about his inspirations. For him, movies are a much better way to gain new ideas than photographies as the key for 3rd person games is movement, and thats something a picture. But still, photos are vital for games. Creating a compelling narrative, great storytelling, lightning and much more would be impossible without photography.

    Overall, his article is an interesting read for artists and anybody interested in art design. For the whole article and more informations, head over to