BIU Academy’s next online seminar will take place on Tuesday, March 28. For further information on upcoming webinars visit the official BIU website, or check out our promotion within the upcoming issues of Making Games .

On March 28, the BIU offers this year’s 4th webinar held by Claudia Kuehl.

Upcoming Topic:

„Marketing-Survival Strategies for Indies“
March 28, 17:00 o’clock (5 pm)

„When the budget is scarce and the competition huge – marketing-survival strategies for Indies“. Claudia Kuehl is a specialist for brand management and communication and working in the gaming industries for about 20 years. She has already marketed brands like Half Life, Dawn of War or Sim City internationally for publishers like Vivendi Universal, THQ and EA. On the developer side, Claudia supervised marketing and PR for Tilted Mill Entertainment in Bosten for many years, before she started working for Hamburg’s communication agency Delasocial, taking care of clients like Gameforge, CCP Games, Amazon AppStore and Oculus in terms of communication and user engagement. Her most recent position was marketing director at Daedalic Entertainment.

How to Participate:

  • Register once at:
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  • Start: March 28, 5pm (17:00)
  • Costs: 19.00€
  • Members of BIU Dev / BIU.Net can attend the seminar for free by using the gift code sent via email.