BIU Academy Online Seminar on July 25: “A New Kind of Space Shooter – From Concepts to Direct Marketing”


BIU Academy’s next online seminar will take place on Tuesday, July 25. For further information on upcoming webinars visit the official BIU website, or check out our promotion within the upcoming issues of Making Games .

On July 25, the BIU offers its next webinar held by Michael Schade (ROCKFISH Games).

Upcoming Topic:

“A New Kind of Space Shooter – From Concepts to Direct Marketing”
July 25, 17:00 o’clock (5pm)

With the release of their game EVERSPACE, the young indie studio ROCKFISH Games just recently landed a surprise hit on PC and consoles. Its success, however, was the result of clearly defined positioning, targeted marketing in an already early stage of development as well as the consistent realization of a vision up to the final release and beyond.

In this online seminar, ROCKFISH Games’ CEO and Co-founder, Michael Schade, will elaborate on the most important steps during the development of EVERSPACE, ranging from ideation and conception to the different means of marketing.

How to Participate:

  • Register once at:
  • Book your webinar under:
  • Start: July 25, 5pm (17:00)
  • Costs: 19.00€
  • Members of BIU Dev / BIU.Net can attend the seminar for free by using the gift code sent via email.




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