BIU Academy Online Seminar on February 21 – Topic: “Crowdfunding”

BIU Academy

In 2017 the BIU will again offer a wide selection of online seminars, going into the second round on February 21. For further information on upcoming webinars visit the official BIU website, or check out our promotion within the upcoming issues of Making Games .

On January 21, the BIU offers this year’s second webinar held by Jan Theysen (KING Art Games) and Adrian Goersch (Black Forest Games).

Upcoming Topic:

„Crowdfunding – Tipps And Tricks“
February 21, 17:00 o’clock (5 pm)

Well-presented projects can still generate money and attention and help their developers become more independent. Those who want to use crowdfunding as a finance or marketing option, need to know the traps and risks and devote a great deal of attention to the subject. Adrian Goersch of Black Forest Games (»Giana Sisters«) and Jan Theysen of KING Art (»The Dwarves«) talk about their long-term experience with various Kickstarter projects and provide tips on what needs to happen before, during and after a campaign to make it profitable for the developer and a good experience for the players. This includes determining the right funding goals, attractive rewards, marketing and the building of a community prior to the campaign, a realistic assessment of the workload and of the profits to be expected. The two experts provide an overview of the status quo of crowdfunding, take a look in the future and are happy to answer your questions.

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