Samsung reveals new VR hardware, Oculus talks specs and price, EA gets new CMO

Galaxy Note 7 Gear VR

Japanese mobile giant Samsung is the latest company to announce its own line of Virtual Reality hardware. The Galaxy smartphone and tablet manufacturer broke the news at its Samsung Unpacked event, revealing the new Gear VR headset is effectively a she

The device was made in partnership with Oculus, which handled the software side while Samsung developed the hardware. It’s definitely a surprising move from the company that Kickstarted VR into the public sphere with a crowdfunding campaign for its own Rift headset, but Oculus may have decided that providing software that turns mobile devices into VR headsets is a far more lucrative path than convincing consumers to buy a separate device.

Oculus isn’t the only partnership adding power to Samsung’s entry; several mobile developers have already announced titles for the new system, including Imangi, DeNA, Harmonics, Robot Invader, and nDreams. In the video below, Oculus CTO and games industry legend John Carmack takes the stage to talk about the tech.


Oculus talks specs, price for consumer Rift

Samsung might be dominating the headlines, but it isn’t the only company that made news with VR today. In an interview with Eurogamer, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey and co-founder Nate Mitchell spoke vaguely about the anticipated specifications of the first consumer release version of the Rift VR headset.

»The consumer version is significantly improved,« said Lucky.  »The jump from DK1 to DK2 is similar to the jump from DK2 to CD1.« The first iteration took the Rift from 720p to 1080p, so another round of improvement to resolution and refresh rate could have quite a dramatic effect on how well consumers take to the device, which currently is known to cause occasional motion sickness. As for cost off the shelf, Mitchell said the company is targeting the »$200-$400 price range«.


Starbucks marketing boss is EA’s new CMO

Today Electronic Arts announced the hiring of Chriss Bruzzo, formerly the architect of Starbuck’s online branding and drive to the digital age, as the publisher’s new Chief Marketing Officer. »Chris will lead and integrated marketing, communications, web and digital service organization designed to advance our ability to put Players First,« reads the official company blog post. That description, combined with his previous work at Starbucks in customer personalization, could mean that Bruzzo will be working with EA’s digital marketplace for the PC – Origin. Prior to working at Starbucks, Bruzzo was Amazon’s marketing VP.